A regra de 2 minutos para cobogó

The speakers wound up eight feet apart. This placed the "sweet spot" eight feet from the wall along the center line of the room. This in turn dictated the location of the mixing board and other equipment. Once the equipment was set in place, we checked for reflective phase interference from the console or cabinet tops.

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On the ground floor the living room connects entirely with the garden, where there is a small artificial lake. Fish and plants help maintain the biological balance of the pool without the use of chemical products that assail the environment. This environmental thought permeated the entire project which incorporated principles of sustainability established by rigid standards, similar to certifications.

Reverberation time is determined by the volume of the room. It can be reduced by replacing some of the hard, reflective parts of the the walls with soft, absorptive sections. Every material has some absorptive qualities. This is described by its coefficient of absorption, here a number between 0 and 1, with 0 being totally reflective and 1 being an open window.

O é 1 dos read more temas preferidos DE meninas, possui muita ideia incrível que você É possibilitado a realizar em casa, isento gastar amplamente e o resultado é uma festa e aventura congelante inesquecível! Aprecie abaixo algumas ideias maravilhosas para decorar a festa da sua princesa:

A celebridade anunciou término utilizando o ator Liam Hemsworth, e já foi flagrada em novo relacionamento

Standing waves are created when you have two parallel facing walls. There will be a particular set of frequencies that are reinforced by the distance between the walls (the sound makes exactly one round trip on each cycle of the speaker and the pressure fronts pile up).

You can easily hear this by putting your ear close to a wall: the quality of sound will change because the reflections off the wall interfere with the direct sound. The effect is at its worst when the here distance the reflected sound travels is only slightly longer than the direct distance.

In addition to its function, the cobogó brings a certain poetic feel to any architectural project. Here, we have highlighted this Brazilian creation, to briefly shed light on its history and to present a selection of projects that adopt this element. 

O primeiro e Muito mais importante elemento de tratamento acústico para adicionar ao seu ambiente são as armadilhas do graves.

Confira a seguir um diagrama de que encontrei no site da Auralex e ilustra perfeitamente este conceito do qual falei:

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